Our History

In 1968, Woodhaven held its first service as a congregation in North West Elementary in Byron Center, Michigan.

The church continued to meet faithfully at the school until 1970 when we decided to purchase land and build our original building on the corner of 68th and Wilson.

Attendance continued to grow over the years and we decided to add on to the original building to form the unique V shaped sanctuary that we worship in today.

Our Mission

At Woodhaven, we emphasize these key things:

1.   Everything we do should bring glory to God. 

2.   The importance of proclaiming the good news to all people – especially children. Through its history, Woodhaven has been a place that has valued children’s programming in order to reach young people for Christ!

3.   The church is not a building, but a collective body of believers.

If you're looking for a place where you are loved and challenged to grow your faith we invite you to worship with us!  

Missions and Organizations Woodhaven Supports

- Support of Missionaries who serve in various places

around the world

- Mission trips that people from Woodhaven participate in

- Financial and physical support organizations such as: